Things I Love About Basketball

Non-prototypical ballers getting love
Especially a workman like DeJuan Blair after his first 20-20 game.

Michael Jordan highlights
MJ All Day.

Allen Iverson’s crossover
I was afraid that we’d seen the last of them but thanks to the Sixers, we’ll be seeing a few more.

Derrick Rose’s hesitation dribble at the top of the key
The change of pace is incredible. One second, he’s straight up and the next, he’s already by you.

Ron Artest and Chris Andersen’s hair
I used to get excited to see what color Dennis Rodman would dye his hair each game. It was such a treat, like if your dad let you pick his ice cream for him when you were 5 years old. Ron Ron has taken up the mantle and although the Birdman doesn’t change his hair very often, it still looks insane.

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