Parker and Leslie Debut Against Mercury

16 05 2008

Candace Parker, Lisa Leslie and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks are set to face former Huskie Diana Taurasi and the defending champion Phoenix Mercury.

Under circumstances much like the Robinson-less Spurs drafting Tim Duncan, the Sparks were able to acquire arguably the most hyped female basketball player ever.

Lisa Leslie, a 2-time MVP, was inactive last season due to pregnancy. The Sparks tanked as they stumbled to a 10-24 final record. They got one hell of a consolation prize: Parker.

Parker and I hail from the same area in Illinois and I’ve kept tabs on her since she started high school. Creepy, I know. At least she didn’t see me hiding in the bushes. (Joking, Illinois PD.)

It will be interesting to see how Leslie and Parker fit in together. Leslie is a proven winner and will make the proper adjustments to accommodate a player like Parker.

But what will Parker do? Will she be involved in pick-and-rolls with Leslie? Parker is an adept shooter so will she consciously increase the volume of her long-range shots?

I always forget that ball movement in the women’s game is much smoother than movement in the men’s counterpart so I guess I answered my own question.

I’m very anxious to watch Parker in action, especially against the also-hyped Diana Taurasi.

Candace Parker was dunking in her diapers. She dominated in high school on the way to 2 high school player of the year awards. Parker then went to THE women’s basketball program and lead Tennessee to back-to-back national championships.

The logical conclusion is that she dominates the WNBA. But can she show a complete floor game in the pros? This CP3 definitely has the skill-set. I’m just waiting for the chips to fall where they may.