Deron Williams Thinks He’s Back In College

4 05 2008

Did you see Game 6 of the Jazz-Rockets series?  Williams was on fire like a ring-of-fire in the New Orleans arena.  It was ridiculous.

Consider his stats for these playoffs:

20.8 points, 8.5 assists, 2.7 rebounds and he’s shooting 53% from the field and 59.1% from deep.  Sick.

And the Rockets are no slouch; their steady defense has been great all season.  Jerry Sloan’s gameplan for Williams was solid.  Williams was counted on the run their precise offensive sets while limiting turnovers.

Limiting turnovers against the Rockets is very important because of Houston’s overall psyche.  Those guys are looking for fast breaks and run outs to get their team going.

Williams was also looked at to spread the floor for Carlos Boozer to operate in the post.  With Williams dropping bombs, the Jazz wingmen could slash to their heart’s content.  And although Kyle Korver didn’t shoot well from beyond the arc, the threat of him doing so did help the Jazz.

Those same issues will need to be executed against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Even with the triangle offense in place, Phil Jackson lets his second unit run up and down the court.  Limiting turnovers will help deflate the overzealous back-ups.

Spreading the floor against a very long Laker frontcourt will be key.  Mehmet Okur will need to keep Lamar Odom honest by hitting some long shots from the outset.

All in all, the Lakers-Jazz series should be very good.  Deron Williams will have his chance to shine against subpar opposing point guards.  But will Kobe Bryant’s play overshadow the young man?