The Big Dance: East Regional

17 03 2008


Every year, there’s a region in the NCAA tournament that’s quite obviously the weakest. This year, it’s the “big” east regional.

It’s almost North Carolina versus the field, if it weren’t for Tennessee. Even though Indiana played terribly to close out the season and in their conference tournament, an 8 seed? Really? That low seeding in addition to Sampson’s firing and the late-season losses really gives Arkansas a leg up. If the Hoosiers can somehow get past those guys, a match-up with North Carolina would be the toughest for a 1 seed’s second-round game.

Notre Dame and George Mason could be a good match-up. The Irish got knocked off my a mid-major last year and we could see history repeat itself. Who’s this year’s George Mason? George Mason.

Louisville lost in the first-round of the Big East tournament but look for them to bounce back. There are too many old players on this squad hungry for tournament success.

I don’t buy Butler or South Alabama as dark horses. Tennessee is too good, but then again I haven’t seen Butler or South Alabama play. South Alabama got an at-large bid over someone like Arizona State. Often times, the best 34 at-large teams don’t get into the tournament. And I’m sorry, South Alabama, but you’re 50 Cent to ASU’s Kanye.