Beno Udrih’s Internship Is Over

3 03 2008


Beno Udrih has a very good agent. He sets Udrih up with an internship under Gregg Popovich and Mr. Longoria. Udrih hangs around long enough to pick the brains of Jacque Vaughn, Brent Barry and Michael Finley. Not to mention getting free San Antonio courtside seats and two complimentary championship rings.

Udrih’s agent then helps him sign with Sacramento to learn the offense for half a season. As soon as Sactown unloads Mike Bibby, Udrih slips his Starter jacket on and starts to ball.

In the eight games since the Bibby trade and Beno Udrih has doubled his career averages. The Slovenian Slinger has averaged 15.4 points, 6.6 assists, 3.6 rebounds in 37 minutes during that time span.

Udrih definitely doesn’t make up for Mike Bibby but he’s well on his way to doing so. He’s also only 25 and I’m pretty sure they’re only paying him €2 a year — which converts to about $35,000. He’s a lot cheaper than Mike Bibby and he can definitely play.

Look for Udrih to be have a Derek Harper-type career. They both defend and seemingly have a good handle on the game. They seem to take the same kind of shots but Udrih is a much better shooter from beyond the arc.

It’s a shame the Spurs didn’t keep him. I definitely understand that he and Tony Parker are the same age and play the same position which gave Udrih a bit of cabin fever. I’m just not understanding why Vaughn was the Spurs’ backup point guard while Udrih rode the bench.

But I guess that’s why I’m in health care and not in a NBA front office. Damn.