I love basketball. If I could play it, I would. I can’t. Instead, I’ll make fun of those that can.

I was born in San Francisco, California where I grew up learning to swallow my pride as a Golden State Warrior fan. I moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1998 eager to see how basketball was truly played.

Apparently, Michael, Scottie and Phil got word of my move. They decided to leave town and piss me off. Since I love being emotionally abused, I became a true, die-hard Chicago Bulls fan.

I did my undergrad at Marquette University so I’m an unabashed, yet skeptical, Golden Eagle.  I also heavily favor Big East basketball so watch for that as well.

On this site, you will find my thoughts on basketball: the game, its characters and things in between.

This blog has, surprisingly enough, been featured on sites like NBA.com, Yahoo! Sports, Reuters, the Chicago Sun-Times and more. So I have to be doing something right.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to kick it around in the comments section.


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18 02 2008

sure thing dude, feel free to add me to your blog roll. i’ll add you to my blog roll too. thanks.

4 03 2008


5 03 2008
brendan kirsch

Dear “Feet in the Paint”:

My name is Brendan Kirsch and first of all, I wanted to tell you that I love the blog. Secondly, I wanted to ask you if you were aware of the sport “Slamball”? You may have seen the first two seasons on Spike TV in 2002 and 2003. It’s a hybrid of several sports, taking the most exciting elements and melding them to produce one of the most electrifying visual experiences in recent sports history. To help you get a quick picture you could say that is looks like full contact basketball played on trampolines. The promo video attached will allow you to see exactly what results within this framework.

I am the head coach of one of the franchises, the Mob, and wanted to tell you that we’ve just partnered with International Management Group (IMG) to launch a new season and a league. Considering your content and readership I think that Slamball would be an excellent addition as new and exciting material to your site. Currently Pat Croce has accepted the position as the commissioner of the new league. He is a fantastic personality and draws peoples’ interest. Perhaps you’d like to do an article on the sport. I could certainly get you an interview with a number of people invloved, including Croce, the sports creator Mason Gordon, the head of Player Personnel Rob Wilson and I, obviously, would also make myself available.

We are currently setting up our open national tryouts on the following dates. (April 6th in Los Angeles; April 9th in New York City; and April 11th in Bradenton, Florida) After the tryouts the top players will be invited to a 2 week final tryout camp at the IMG complex in Bradenton, Florida. From there, we will host a draft and begin training camp, with a season to be played in June. I have attached both the promo video (which explains it all), and the official press release that hit the AP.

Our website, http://www.slamball.net will be a resource to you as well, and will be open for all player applications starting this monday, april 3rd.

You can reach me back at slamballinfo@gmail.com (attn: brendan kirsch in the subject line) or on my cell phone at (213) 604-7369.

Brendan Kirsch
Head Coach – Mob

28 03 2008

email me at fouledout55@yahoo.com.. 😀

28 04 2008

just wondering, why can’t you play basketball man?

2 05 2008

I’ve lost my handle and I can’t jump anymore. It’s pretty bad.

13 12 2008
Shirly Giagone


I visited your sports blog About Feet in the Paint at https://feetinthepaint.wordpress.com/. You have really great articles and I’m glad I found your site.

I would like to know if you’re accepting guest blog posts, I’d like to send you an original blog entry on basketball which I think would fit nicely with your site. I’m doing this for free but would only require 1 backlink in the article to my site.

Please let me know if you’re interested in publishing this basketball blog entry so I can send it to you for publication soon.

Thank you

Shirly Giagone

23 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

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