When You Draft Like The Pros

27 10 2009

… You’ll most likely get burned.

I’ve been a part of this fantasy basketball league since 2003. It’s a good, competitive league.

I had been looking forward to the fantasy draft like a young, wide-eyed, obese boy sitting in his kitchen on the eve of Thanksgiving.

I had been crowned the champion for the last two years and am eager to threepeat, complete with a postseason parade down Michigan Avenue here in Chicago.

The parade would be met by warm Chicago weather and a crisp acknowledgement that dreams are possible: fantasy champions can threepeat.

But today, with Blake Griffin’s fractured left patella, it all came crumbling down.

For whatever reason — because I’m a dumbass — I strayed from my usual, objective strategy of drafting boring players with great statlines and sprinkling the team with young role players on the cusp of increased rotation minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of my fantasy team…

Reliable Major Players: Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker
These are guys that I can hang my hat on. I know both will score but not much else.

Oft-Injured Almost All-Stars: TJ Ford, Al Jefferson
These guys may make me look like a genius or a complete idiot. They’re both up for big years — if they can stay healthy.

Productive Role Players: Rodney Stuckey, Jeff Foster
If Foster gets 20 minutes, he’ll get you 10 boards. If Stuckey gets minutes, he’ll get you some scoring and a handful of assists and steals. If Stuckey starts, he could be up for a breakthrough season. Those are all big “ifs.”

Young Guys On The Verge: Marreese Speights, Brandon Rush, Amir Johnson
These guys have impressed when they’ve played, especially Speights.  But can they edge out teammates to win jobs on the rotation?

Rookie Phenoms or Bust? Griffin, Terrence Williams
There’s been a lot of preseason hype on both players. Can they produce?

Why Did I Pick You, Again? Kwame Brown
Oh yeah, because you’ll start and get me 2 points and 7 boards a game.

All this to say, when you draft on potential, you’re going to get burned one way or another.



4 responses

27 10 2009
Magnus Gudmundsson

Just some thoughts on your team:

I don’t mean to be negative here but I’m not sure if that’s a great fantasy team. I like ‘Melo, Parker and Jefferson. I think Big Al stays healthy and has a monster year this season.
Jeff Foster, really? He’s backing Roy Hibbert up in the pre-season and Hibbert’s looking good so far. It is true that Foster will get you boards if he plays.
Too bad Griffin went down with that injury, he’s genuinely good.
A lot is depending on whether your young guys can emerge this year, if they do you’re in business.

27 10 2009

Exactly. It’s not a good team at all, which was the point of my post.

2 11 2009

The Jeff Foster secret is out. Don’t let anyone convince you that he is worthless. He will always get the job done.

OJ Mayo is also a player on the verge of being top 15 fantasy player. Point keep going way up and turnovers are staying super low. Unstoppable in getting to the cup. Plus he knows when to let a 3 ball go (although this could go either way as a pro/con). Gotta love that guy.

Request: Once he gets 10 games under his belt, do Brandon Jennings report card. I have this theory that moving from Rome to Milwaukee has helped him keep is confidence up by flying under the major market radar – playing at a level I don’t believe he could have replicated if he would have gone to a larger market team. Playing in New York would probably get him the same number of minutes a game, but I don’t think his level of play would be as high as it has been because of the bright lights of the big city fans and media.

8 11 2009

Yeah, that’s true. I almost didn’t expect this out of him because he didn’t get much burn in Rome. The media was hating on him because he split minutes with some other dude. But that may just be the way of the teams in that league?

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