So Are They Keeping Steph Curry?

29 06 2009

The Golden State Warriors selected Stephen Curry with the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.  Immediately after the selection, there were whispers that the Warriors were packaging Curry for Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire.

Suddenly, the public began to realize that Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson are both ball-dominant scorers. Then they thought “hey, Curry played like that during his final season at Davidson. Wait a second…”

Should the Warriors keep Steph Curry?

Don Nelson believes so.  A few days ago, Nellie said “[Curry] can buy a house. We drafted him because we think he’s a terrific player that fits right into our program. He ain’t going anyplace.”

Although the team’s immediate glaring need is a big man, their Gheorghe Muresan wasn’t coming through the draft.

There weren’t any Nellie-ball big men at the Warriors’ spot so it made sense to take the best available player.  Still, adding another undersized guard who naturally plays at the two is unconventional.  Truly, it was a pick influenced by the unconventional Nelson.  Sometimes, I wonder if Nellie pulls a “Sarah Palin” and goes all “mavericky” just so he can beat his chest.

Marco Belinelli, Speedy Claxton, Ellis, Jackson, Acie Law, Anthony Morrow and CJ Watson all crowd the backcourt.  If Curry’s to be on the court for more than brief stretches, they’ll likely run him with Ellis, Jackson at the 3 and they can experiment with Maggette moonlighting at the 4.  The Duke alum has enough strength to do that.  We all know he’s got more brawn than Anthony Randolph at this point.

All-in-all, it’s the move they should have made but it doesn’t really address their problems.

I checked out the Warriors’ main page which features a Stephen Curry selection video.  It looks like he’s here to stay after all.  Guess who’s buying a Steph Curry jersey?



4 responses

29 06 2009

I suppose the Warriors could try sending someone else to the Suns instead of Curry – Monta, S-Jackson, Belinelli… but since Don Nelson knows he’ll run through about 5-6 guards in his doghouse during a year, he might as well keep Curry for the one month stretch where he has the rook taking 20+ shots per game.

And then Nellie’ll lose his love of Curry and Steph will wander the streets of SF and Berkeley, discover his love for vegan food and patchouli and – I think I over-extrapolated.

30 06 2009

He’ll get really into biking — err, urban cycling too. Don’t forget that, P.

30 06 2009

I bet he already got into it at Davidson!

(I won’t mess with urban biking. One of the best things about good flat Chicago!)

3 07 2009

As a Warriors fan… the more and more I think about it, the more I think Curry stays. They need a spot up shooter, and even though Morrow and Belinelli could fill that role, Steph fits right in there. As much as I’d love to see Amare in a W’s jersey, I’d rather see Curry stay.

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