40 and 23

14 02 2009

An incredible outing from Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin, a likely top-3 pick at this point.

“Have you guys ever seen the movie, ‘The Terminator?’ That’s what that kid is like. That kid has no facial expressions. He just plays and it’s like every kid out there on him is like Sarah Connor, and he’s just going to take his time and kill him.”

“That kid is good.”

— A unintentionally hilarious quote from Texas Tech’s Pat Knight

Check out the box score from OK’s win.




2 responses

17 02 2009

Unfortunately he will likely not take his time entering the NBA draft (top 2 pick in 09?)

Kid should be a top 10 player in the NBA for sure, no reason why not, has all the tools.

17 02 2009

Yeah, Ryan, probably a top 2 pick. Seems like our protectionist policies in the NBA draft (joking) have really curtailed the international lottery picks so I don’t even see a dark horse from the Eastern bloc derailing a high selection.

I’ll be real interested to see how Griffin shapes up in the L.

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