21 01 2009

New York State has had a ban on mixed martial arts since the 1970’s.  There is a movement to lift that ban, with arguments stating that MMA would help the economy, increase tourism, etc. 

The most interesting argument to lift the ban is that it’s already happening so bring it out into the light.  This line of thought says, “hey, we’re doing this anyway, you might as well lift the ban so we don’t have to fight in the dark.”  Supposedly, there are underground fights with “no weigh-in, no gloves, no medical reports, no warm-ups, no nothing.” 

If New York State were to lift the ban, their athletic commission could set ground rules to make MMA safer.

But where do we draw the line?  Set aside your love or hate for MMA and think about the behavior this would drive:  Should state governments legalize an activity simply because people on the fringe will do it anyway?




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