Chris Webber Scolds Q

9 01 2009

A lot of times people that criticize athletes really have no idea what’s going on.  Especially on the internet, Stephon Marbury has turned into a caricature of an athlete and I think it’s a shame.  We like to build them up just to tear them down, I guess.

Chris Webber has some great thoughts here and he’s completely on-point.  None of us really know what the hell is going on.  And although Quentin Richardson is closer to the situation and being on the Knicks is frustrating, it’s just a bad move to go out and fling mud at Marbury.

Here’s an excerpt from Q’s comments:

“He hasn’t played with us all year. Regardless of what you have going on with the organization or what you have going on with your coach or whatever — you’re not going to allow your teammates to be left out there the way we were basically being left out there.

This is directed at us regardless if you’re trying to stick it to whoever you’re trying to stick it to.  At the end of the day we’re shorthanded, people are hurt

Once again, I don’t pay attention to [Marbury] because I don’t look at him as a teammate anyway.”

Is Q out of line or on point?




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9 01 2009
Otto Mann


9 01 2009

totally on point. i still cant believe there is such a selfish, self absorbed person as stephon. its ridiculous. someone with that attitude should be called out by teammates, by coaches, by the team and the league as a whole. if i was david stern, id immediately ban him from basketball for good to make an example out of selfish players for young kids growing up dreaming of playing in the NBA.

9 01 2009


That’s kind of what I’m trying to get at. Stephon isn’t that selfish or self-absorbed. I’m sure David Stern would like nothing more than to pound his iron fist down but D’Antoni, the Knicks organization, NYC media and MSM outlets have beaten him to the punch. Steph has now been painted as the model selfish athlete.

Picture this: Steph comes to training camp in shape while showing up for a voluntary summer camp, plays well in the preseason, welcomes a role off the bench and then he gets benched inexpicably to start the season for Chris Duhon. NYC, the Knicks, D’Antoni all turn him into a scapegoat, drag him through the mud for half the season and then expect him to play? Would you play?

As far as selfish and self-absorbed… I’m just not sure a lot of people really take a look at Stephon Marbury. The man has done more than most other athletes and he never gets any credit for it. We just hear about how he doesn’t pass the ball or how he didn’t get along with this or that coach.

– Dude turned away from millions to start his own $15 sneaker line, allowing kids an affordable alternative to the $200 MJs, $250 LeBrons, etc.

– He gave $4 millions dollars away to NYC cops, firefighters, EMTs and teachers

– Gave away 75,000 items of merchandise in Starbury Giveback Day

– Has multiple annual charity events

I mean, Steph has a rap sheet in the best possible way. Jump over to Sports On My Mind for a comprehensive look —

I think it’s unfortunate that this dark Steph keeps getting peddled by the media and that most people are all to eager to eat it up.

What I was trying to get across was that although I run a basketball blog, I really have no idea what NBA athletes are really like. And I think it’s unfortunate that lots of people were eager to agree with Q to validate whatever untested notions they had about a guy like Stephon Marbury.

10 01 2009

Marbury is a great guy off the court, someone who genuinely wants to help other people and has clearly made a great deal of effort to do that.

I also think his intentions and actions this season have been fabulous. He worked his rear end off all summer to get into the best shape he’s been in for years, he’s accepted and succeeded in a demotion, and he’s tried to help his team win.

The Knicks have acted atrociously. Their words and their actions haven’t gone hand in hand. Stephon Marbury is the one mistake that the Walsh-D’Antoni combo have made since taking control of the Knicks, they clearly where not on the same page and ended up taking completely different points of view with Stephon with D’Antoni exiling him despite Walsh promising a fresh start to Steph and all other Knicks players. That suspension and some of the quotes coming out of NYC look dodgy too.

I also think Stephon is correct to demand all his money. He doesn’t want to leave New York, he wants to play and he’s done everything within reason to play. He’s not the one who wants out. The Knicks are the one’s who want to get rid of him, and they want to do it for no other reason than they simply don’t like him. This is not a player asking to be let go in order to play for a contender. This is a player who wants to stay and play. That difference means the Knicks should pay his contract in full. It’s Steph’s choice whether he’d like to give them a discount (equivalent of a minimum contract because that is what he’ll receive), but in this situation I see no obligation for Stephon to do so. I also think after the Knicks actions that they do not deserve the gesture from Marbury.

On another note non-basketball note, I’d much rather Steph have that money in his hands, he’d clearly do something worthwhile with it.

10 01 2009

K-Man, thanks for spreading some truth on Steph. The real crime here is the media omission of all his off-the-court stuff. If people knew then they would have to grapple with a complex story… I do agree with C-Webb that teammate interactions must be handled in-house.

Dave, cosign… except that I would like to see stephon play on another team this year if the Knicks won’t use him.

13 01 2009

1. It’s the Knicks and D’Antoni who have acted inappropriately, in this specific situation, not Mr. Marbury.

2. Q-Rich should heed the advice of C-Webb.

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