The Undefeated Chicago Bulls

29 10 2008

Oh boy, I love the sound of that.

I wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts on the Chicago Bulls game against the Milwaukee Bucks last night.  It was a very high-paced game; I had the same first game jitters that the player had last night.

The only difference was that I had a beer in hand and I was in my underwear. I’d say that’s pretty similar to playing a 48-minute NBA game.

The season went off to a very nice start for the Bulls.  Luol Deng had a very good game with 21 points on 8-of-13 shooting with five makes from the charity stripe.  Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon played great games off the bench.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Vinny Del Negro keep Hinrich out there playing both guard spots.  I thought that Hinrich’s minutes were going to take a huge hit but 27 minutes isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Gordon didn’t play particularly well when he checked in late in the first quarter.  I thought he forced a couple shots and got turned around at times while defending the Bucks’ Tyronn Lue.  How he managed to get turned around by Lue, I still do not know…

Derrick Rose lived up to the billing in his first game.  It wasn’t an Allen Iverson-esque debut performance but he racked up 9 assists and was very active in the passing lanes.  Now although the Bulls still had trouble finding easy shots over some Rose-led stretches, the game seemed much more open with Rose at the point (rather than Hinrich).  Now whether that’s entirely my cognitive bias, I don’t really know.  But the Bulls had somewhere around 20 fast break points and most of them were scored on either a Rose assist or a Rose steal.

Despite Deng’s scoring and Rose’s highly-anticipated debut, Tyrus Thomas stole the show for me.  The man was active from jumpstreet, getting into passing lanes, grabbing boards, changing shots and even tossing a handful of good looks.  In one sequence, Thomas stole a secondary break pass from Luke Ridnour, pushed it up court himself and hit Gordon on a bounce pass for an easy bucket.  After this game, I’m no longer inexplicably anxious when Thomas has the ball.  Undefeated, indeed…




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30 10 2008

It’s good to see Deng have a good game after a dodgy preseason.

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