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2 10 2008
The consummate veteran

The consummate veteran

The Sacramento Kings have hired Shareef Abdur-Rahim as an assistant coach.  Following the footsteps of ballers like Avery Johnson, David Wesley and Pat Ewing, Abdur-Rahim has parlayed his playing career directly into a top-flight NBA coaching gig.

The 6’9″ forward out of Berkeley averaged a very respectable 18.1 points and 7.5 rebounds while starting 704 of his 830 career regular season games.

Some folks wonder why NBA teams continue to hire the same old players instead of taking fresh looks at D-Leaguers or hot international talent.  The value of an NBA player who has been through a decade’s worth of routine is immeasurable. 

Although Reggie Theus is a former player himself, he realizes that he’s too tough on his charges to fully connect with them.  Maybe that’s why Shareef’s got another NBA contract, as a coach this time.




2 responses

2 10 2008

‘Reef is going to be a big man coach and will spend a lot of time working with Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes. It’ll be interesting to track their progress.

3 10 2008

Shareef Abdur-Rahim is really one of the most overrated player of the recent generation. He never played on good teams and he always averaged a ton of points. He’s the classic ‘star’ on a terrible team. He could have been a nice contributor on a good team but he was never really a premier player. When your on the Hawks and they’re winning 17 games per year, someone has to be scoring the points.

That said, he seems to be a bright guy so he will probably end up being a decent coach.

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