Resilience by Alonzo Mourning

1 10 2008

In addition to sending me a copy of A Team To Believe In by Tom Coughlin a few weeks ago, the good folks at Random House just sent me Resilience by Alonzo Mourning for free!

Mourning’s book looks very interesting.  I would also like to note that it’s co-authored by Dan Wetzel.  Wetzel helped the late Don Haskins author Glory Road, which turned into a pretty good basketball film.  Here’s the scoop from the inside cover:

Resilience. It’s not just the title of Alonzo Mourning’s stirring memoir; it’s the stuff he’s made of.  Whether petitioning himself into foster care as an eleven-year-old, tirelessly studying his way onto the dean’s list at Georgetown University, making it as an all-star center in the NBA, or returning to peak form after organ-transplant surgery, Mourning has shown enormous inner strength.  His faith, his determination, and his courage are what have driven and sustained him throughout his extraordinary life…

Alonzo Mourning’s return to basketball glory, already familiar to sports fans and non-sports fans alike, has aspired millions of patients suffering from kidney disease and living with dialysis, as well as organ donors around the world.  By sharing his experiences of the physical, emotional and spiritual roller coaster of illness and recovery, Mourning delivers a message of faith and fire, hurdles and hope, trust and triumph.  Resilience is a story of both meaningful everyday lessons and the things, great and small, that truly matter in life.”

I must admit that when I hear that Zo was planning an NBA comeback, I thought he was crazy.  He had just come off an organ transplant surgery.  “He should be happy with just being around,” I thought.  Same story with Sean Elliott back in the day.  I knew that they would have to go through so much to get back on the hardwood so why risk it? This book should answer my questions and I’ll share my thoughts after I’ve finished the book.




One response

2 10 2008

Hi. I have a copy of the book. I’m through 5 chapters and I love it. Alot of it I already knew because I’m a huge Zo fan but it’s very interesting hearing his perspective on some things. I actually enjoy the parts about his personal life more than the basketball parts.

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