Send Them To Madagascar

29 05 2008

The reason flopping is so distested is because it’s what can be described as an abuse of the rules.

Someone I know described it as an self-emasculating act.  Fans everywhere cry foul when floppers around the NBA bludgeon referees with their antics.  In what is meant to address gross fan overraction, the powers that be have taken steps to curtail flopping.

Next season, fines will be levied for blatantly clear flops.

But what is a flop?  How can you be sure it’s a flop?  Don’t people use flops because fouls stemming from physical contact are so difficult to officiate in the first place?

To me, this type of fine is much more difficult to levy than after-the-fact flagrant fouls.  This may dissuade players from flopping, that remains to be seen. 

There are two things you can be sure to see next season…

1. “Serial floppers” will get the brunt of the fines.  Regardless of whether they flop or not, they will be fined.  Some say that they deserve it.  Maybe they do but they better get their checks out.

2. The football players posing as basketball athletes will reign supreme.  LeBron James’ scoring average will increase by at least 5 points.  Now, he can close both eyes while lowering his head and charging towards the basket.

Any fines for flopping will persuade people to drive to the cup.  Hard.  Perimeter shooting attempts will decrease. 

And stemming from this, you’ll see an increase in zone defense as teams try to cope with the espoused game changes.

Congratulations, NBA fans.  David Stern won’t listen to player whining but when it comes to fans, he’s all ears.




One response

2 06 2008

keep flopping! it’ll help in the international game!

(i’m half serious. i think, in soccer aka futbol, that one problem with the US and perhaps the Brit teams is that they’re too concerned with their manhood or something, and they won’t flop to garner free-kick chances. Figo from Portugal in the last World Cup? that was MASTERFUL.)

this rule’s gonna be really hard to enforce. and it’ll be like the “no complaining to refs” rule – won’t be enforced after the 5th week of the season.

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