Nightmare on Madison Street II

21 05 2008

Since 2000, the Chicago Bulls have selected the following big men in the first round:

Joakim Noah
LaMarcus Aldridge
Eddy Curry
Marcus Fizer

I can see David Stern coming out from underneath that NBA Draft logo. He’s smiling as he shows the New York audience a ballot with the Chicago Bulls logo. Stern approached the podium with delight.

After months of anticipation and hype, with the first pick in the 2008 NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls select…

Brook Lopez! A center from Stanford!




3 responses

21 05 2008

What’s up guy,

So who do you think they should pick? Rose or Beasley? Since they’re so weak inside, I say Beasley. They already have Hinrich and Gordon unless they’re looking to get rid of one of them. Regardless, I don’t see Chicago making any noise next year. They need a good coach more than anything.

Dig the Conference finals predictions …


21 05 2008

The Bulls won’t make noise with a spark-plug first overall pick and a rejuvenated line-up? How come?

6 06 2008
It’s All About ROI « Feet in the Paint

[…] Brook Lopez?  I believe I’ve called that genius move. […]

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