Southern Comfort

3 05 2008

I have been in New Orleans for a business trip this past week. So that’s why I’ve been missing since the 25th. I made an interesting note about New Orleans folks though:

They’re very nice and they love their Hornets.

The New Orleans arena always seems half-empty during televised broadcasts. It’s odd because you can easily get Hornets tickets; and the tickets run as low as $20.

The NBA hasn’t given me a grant just yet so my research on this topic is a bit flawed. But still, with all the buzz about the Hornets, wouldn’t they be able to sell out more games?

There was also lots of basketball billboards around the city. I thought this was very interesting because you don’t often see major basketball teams mass-marketing in this way.

I was walking back from Bourbon Street one night and noticed that there was a huge Kevin Garnett billboard in the NOLA streets. I thought, “maybe I’m just drunk. Why is there a KG billboard in New Orleans?” But then I realized that I hadn’t had anything to drink and did a double-take.

The billboard was of KG with the words “Basketball is a Brotherhood.” Very odd, isn’t it?

There was also a very loud parade going down Canal Street yesterday.  I looked away from work for a second and was surprised to see all the noise coming from only a dozen people.  Half of these people were cheerleaders and the other half were holding cardboard cut-outs of Peja Stojakovic’s head.




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