T-Time for the Dark Side

9 03 2008


The Force is strong in this one…

When the Chicago Bulls corralled Tyrus Thomas in 2006, the consensus was that he was a project. Tyrus made a name for himself by stepping up big-time in the NCAA tournament. However, it didn’t change the fact that he was a scrawny, 6’8″ tweener with only one collegiate season under his belt. He wasn’t originally offered an athletic scholarship to LSU and now he was a top-5 draft pick.

Tyrus was essentially a filler recruit for an in-state college and now he’s the newest rookie savior in Chicago. Could you imagine that kind of lifestyle change?

Lots of people got on his case for an off-color comment regarding last year’s Slam Dunk competition. Tyrus said he would simply go to Las Vegas and collect the Slam Dunk money. Although that comment sounded a lot worse than it was. Tyrus is a young player and the first Bull since Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to participate.

I’m sure he was getting a lot of pressure and lots of “how are you going to live up to Michael?” kind of questions. Tyrus was making the comment to appear relaxed and indifferent in the face of all the pressure. Most people forget is that Tyrus had stated he was donating the Slam Dunk money months prior to the infamous comment.

I concede the fact that it was stupid. But hey, I’m pretty sure everyone at the age of 20 says something stupid.

Youth, itself, is a commodity nowadays. Young, highly-touted prospects all have to go through the grinder. But as a general rule, court awareness and maturity need to be ahead in the improvement curve.

The development of a go-to offensive move and some semblance of a jumpshot within 18 feet are imperative for him. However, that shouldn’t be developed before Tyrus realizes when to use those tools.

He’s athletic. He can jump out of the roof. No one can deny that. But there are a few things that trouble me about his demeanor.

I have seen Tyrus live several times.  When he is sitting on the bench, his focus visibly ebbs and flows throughout the game.  One second, he’s cheering on his teammates and the next, he’s scoping the crowd for attractive women.  Sometimes he gets in the huddle and listens to the coaching staff, and other times he’s watching Benny the Bull’s antics or the LuvaBulls dance routine.

I certainly would be guilty of these acts but it’s a stark contrast to someone like Chris Duhon.  Duhon is focused, with his eyes on the court for the entire game.

This is what I see.  And not having insider’s access to Tyrus Thomas, what I see worries me.

Don’t go to the Dark side, Tyrus.  You’re our only hope…




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9 03 2008

you don’t know the power of the dark side.

10 03 2008
Basketball » T-Time for the Dark Side

[…] KLo516 wrote a fantastic post today on “T-Time for the Dark Side”Here’s ONLY a quick extractWhen the Chicago Bulls corralled Tyrus Thomas in 2006, the consensus was that he was a project. Tyrus made a name for himself by stepping up big-time in the NCAA tournament. However, it didn’t change the fact that he was a scrawny, … […]

11 03 2008

That was a horrible draft pick by the Bulls. Then they come right back and draft Noah. Who is making these picks? They trade Tyson Chandler, a much better player than both those guys just to replace him with very similar style players. And I don’t know what is the deal with the recent attitude and discipline problems. That team is lost right now. They need a veteran leader fast.

12 03 2008

Yeah, I agree that they’re very similar. They got rid of Chandler because he wanted Sam Dalembert money and, for whatever reason, John Paxson wouldn’t give it to them. Also, Tyson got traded because he was starting to turn the locker room.

I agree that the team is lost right now though. Crazy comment — and blasphemous to a Bulls fan — that I saw on ESPN.com was that Chris Duhon would be better than Hinrich and Gordon if Duhon were given the PT. That statement is enough to tell you something has definitely gone wrong.

Thanks for the comment, Dannie.

12 03 2008

@ dannie
i don’t really care about tyrus thomas, but i’m keeping a close watch on joakim noah. i’ve always believed that noah has the talent. I may be wrong, we don’t know. the thing is, i’m just interested to see if joakim noah really has a game.

19 03 2008

Ty Thomas got straight facialed last night by Stromile Swift. Vid will be up soon on my blog.

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