Why Ben Wallace Had to Go

1 03 2008


Let me explain why Ben Wallace had to leave the Chicago Bulls.

I drove down a high-traffic road yesterday in suburban Chicago.  It was late in the afternoon and the sun was beginning to set.

I rarely leave work in time to see the sun so the brightness during my commute was throwing me off a little bit.  The angle at which the rays hit my face was starting to irritate me.

I sped up and found myself alongside a large semi-truck.  It shielded me from the sun but tended to drift over the centerline and into my lane.

This is essentially an allegory for Ben Wallace and his former Bulls teammates.

Most of them seemed to like him.  He offered the team an enforcer in the lane.  BW3 was a guy who had been through the wars and whose experience vastly eclipsed their own.

But he was an ornery, old player.  I suspect he had a lot to do with  the firing of Scott Skiles.  We know how he clashed with Larry Brown and then with Flip Saunders.

Even though he wasn’t brought to the Windy City to compile stats, he underachieved.  His defensive rotations were slow.  Although still a very strong man, his post-defense suffered.  He drifted.

If Wallace’s numbers make a brief jump, Chicago fans will get a bit of “trader’s remorse.”  There will be a sentiment much like when Tyson Chandler left Chicago.  Don’t be mad.  It will only be a temporary improvement.  Wallace’s days are behind him.

It’s better this way.  Sometimes, things don’t work out and you just have to move on.  The Bulls will keep truckin’.




2 responses

4 03 2008

I think he is playing better now with the cavs. he is plays better when he is not the main big man of the team. he used to be the main big man of chicago and he struggled to adjust to that role. with the cavs, ilgauskas is the main big man and this works better for big ben because he can focus more on defense and rebounds rather than trying to score.

5 03 2008

I don’t know if I’d call him the main man. All he did in Skiles’ offense was set high screens at the elbow. Every now and then he’d catch the ball on the block to get the ball deep — a Bulls alternative for a drive.

He’ll definitely focus more on defense and rebouding but I don’t think he was over-extending himself in Chicago.

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