RIP Tracy McGrady

27 02 2008


A lot of attention is being drawn to Yao Ming’s left foot fracture. The injury will end his season.

More importantly, Yao’s injury will effectively end Tracy McGrady’s career.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tracy McGrady. At one time, the man was considered to be one of the top three players in the league. He doesn’t get the acclaim that he used to get but he’s undoubtedly still one of the best perimeter players.

The sad fact is that T-Mac just hasn’t had much success in the playoffs. He is like the Paul Giamatti or Ed Norton of the NBA. T-Mac puts in some incredible performances yet he can’t hit gold.

I don’t know whether it’s due to his deficiencies as a player. He obviously hasn’t really had much help around him. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s because T-Mac, like Giamatti, isn’t exactly the prettiest boy around. But that doesn’t explain why Geoffrey Rush and Sam Cassell have gone home winners.

There are times when it just isn’t meant to be.

The Houston Rockets are the hottest team in the league. They haven’t lost a game in two months. That’s straight-up ridiculous.

A lot of Rick Adelman’s offense runs through his bigs. This may be a problem with an old Dikembe Mutombo tentatively moving into the center position. Luis Scola, an Argentinian national team stud, has very good court awareness and passing skills. Either way, Adelman should go small and try to capitalize on Bobby Jackson’s recent signing.

The Rockets are currently seventh in the west. If Jeff Van Gundy were coaching this team, I would write them off immediately. Van Gundy’s defense-first mentality cannot sustain the Rockets without Yao. Adelman needs to pump up his supposed offensive creativity and turn up the tempo.

This was their year and looking around at the loaded Western Conference, it’s tough to bet against the field moving forward. All of these stud line-ups in the west will have gotten a season to gel.  They will be that much more formidable in the long haul.

If Tracy finds success in the playoffs, don’t look for it anytime soon. He should take some notes from his old teammate, Grant Hill. Age a little bit and then join a contender as the “wiry, old veteran.” Sadly, that may be his only shot at winning it big.




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28 02 2008

I’m going to start calling you Scoop Jackson. You have so many insights that it’s too much to comment on and i want to save some discussion for Basketball Friday on 3/21. However, i have 2 questions:

1) Which of the contenders do you think will be left out of the Western Conference playoffs? It looks like there may be a 48-50 win team that does not get in.

2) What do you make of the new Bulls backcourt after last week’s trade? Duhon has been scratched for 3 games and Capt Kirk sat almost the entire 2nd half last night. Will the addition of Hughes make things more competitive or will it hurt the confidence of the others? As they pointed out on the broadcast last night, it does take away some of the pressure off of BG to be the go-to-guy when they need baskets. What are your thoughts?

28 02 2008

@ feetinthepaint
tmac is good, but i think he should be named t-hurt. his career just won’t lift off because of his injuries.

nuggets, blazers, warriors and rockets will be in a tight race for the 7th and 8th seeds in the west.
i haven’t seen any bulls game since the trade, but i read that drew gooden is playing well. as for the backcourt guys, i really have no idea. i have to see them, play first. haha..

29 02 2008

T-Hurt for real.

Larry Hughes won’t make things more competitive. It’ll just piss off Gentle Ben and marginalize Thabo. It does make them a little taller though but that won’t help in any sense.

Kirk and BG won’t have to guard bigger people all the time because of Hughes and Thabo. However, I think Hughes is an overrated defender. He plays the passing lanes — a lot like D-Wade — which inflates his defensive statistics. But unlike D-Wade — who is a good defender when he doesn’t have to carry the Heat offense — Hughes’ defense has holes like Marlon Brandon at the end of the Godfather.

Hughes also has a reputation for being a scorer which dates back to his days with the Wizards. He really is just a volume shooter though — a chucker. If I threw up as many errant shots as Pacman Jones, I’d score a lot of points too.

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