The Relevance of Howard vs. Green

18 02 2008

The dunks were creative.  The showmanship was in full force.  Dwight Howard’s personality — sans Evangelism — was on display.

His grin was from ear to ear for the entire contest.  I absolutely loved how Howard approached each dunk.  It was a forceful diligence as if a child were given a 20 minute limit to pick anything out at Toyz ‘R’ Us.  He didn’t rush it nor did he let anything deter his concentration as Gerald Green did.

Yet Howard didn’t filibuster us like The Birdman in years past.  Howard’s performance had a sure and steady rhythm.  He had a game plan and he stuck to it.  Everyone I watched it with was on the edge of their seats whenever he was on deck.

And as entertaining as Howard vs. Green was, I am left to wonder what happens next for the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

The performance puts fans in a peculiar position.  Much like a lot of NBA fans, I proclaimed that the dunk contest was “back.”  Caution be damned, this is only the beginning.

However, that might not be the case.  This is much like when you’ve discovered a song that surprises you.  You weren’t really looking for it and then it fell in your lap.  So after you’ve had your fill, you search for other songs by that same band.

But what do you find?  Will it be as mesmerizing as sneakers on hardwood?  Or is it just more noise?




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