Bringing It Back

17 02 2008

“I think the dunk contest is back,” said Dwight Howard shortly after he mailed in the best Slam Dunk performance since Jason Richardson’s Atlanta 2003 showing.

I agree, Dwight. After the lampooning of the dunk contest during the last several years, Gerald Green and Dwight Howard have injected some much needed creativity and showmanship back into the contest. We can actually get excited about this stuff again.

My top five dunks of the night starting with the best:

1. Dwight Howard, Off the back of the backboard windmill. This man left nothing to the imagination on his first dunk. He blew the top off the building starting with an unbelievable jam. I thought he pulled a “Dr. J” and hit is head on the backboard for a second.

2. Dwight Howard, Alley-oop and bounce off the glass with one-handed flush. This truly was a creative dunk. The man’s hands must have been moving double time in order to pull this one off.

3. Gerald Green, Birthday cake dunk. I thought he sounded stupid when he said “I’m gonna call this the birthday cake dunk.” But it was great. At first, I thought he blew the candle out with the ball but it was definitely his mouth.

4. Rudy Gay, Lowry off the crossbar full rotation dunk. Very nice but definitely lacking a bit since he followed Dwight’s first dunk.

5. Gerald Green, Between the legs with no shoes. Very, very hard shot. I agree with Dr. J: the fans didn’t realize how difficult that truly was.

One thing is for sure after two nights in New Orleans… the Slam Dunk Contest is back!




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